Membership is not required to participate in any of the COPS USPSA, Steel or Multi-Gun Matches.  COPS is a competitors club and new membership is only open to regular participates in club matches.  The applicable section from our current bylaws is reproduced below.  If you have any questions, please contact a COPS officer or board member.


To apply for or maintain  full C.O.P.S. membership, an applicant must be sponsored by an existing member, who is responsible for supervising the applicant and training the applicant in range safety, protocols, and match rules. The new applicant shall be briefed on C.O.P.S. safety rules, and shall compete in no less than six (6) recorded COPS sponsored USPSA or Steel matches under the supervision of the sponsor during the previous 12 months.

After six (6) supervised matches, the applicant shall report to the Board of Directors on the knowledge, safety and responsibility of the applicant, who shall then be either approved or rejected by the Board of Directors. The Board may hear, before making a decision, from any other member who has information relevant to the applicant.